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_芬兰少年欲加入解放军 网友起底曾经的外籍解放_

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  And a Tibetan officer:




  That's not true. In the history of PLA, there were many people from other countries, including USA, Canada, and India joined PLA. In fact two of the most famous WWII era military doctors were Canadian and Indian。

  bd popeye 你说的不对,在解放军历史上,有很多人是来自外国的,包括美国,加拿大,印度等,实际上,(中国)抗日战争中最出名的两位军医,一个来自加拿大,一个来自印度。

  Today you could see Tibetan, Mongolian, Korean and Urger soldiers in uniforms in different ranks。



  Hmm...this is interesting. Where did you hear that non racially Chinese people cannot join the PLA? CCTV-7 has showed Tibetans in PLA a couple months ago and you can watch those on youtube. Some are serving in the Tibetan areas and some outside. Uyghurs have been shown also。

  According to wiki, a ethnic Korean Zhao Nanqi(Cho Namgi) was a 3 star general(1988) and a former director and party secretary of the PLA so it's not like ethnic minorities can't rise to high ranks either。

  恩,蛮有趣的,你们从哪听说非汉族人不能加入解放军的? CCTV7几个月前刚刚播过一期有关藏族士兵的节目,一些在西藏执勤,一些则在其他地方,关于维族士兵,也早就播过了。

  根据维基百科资料,一个名叫赵南起(Cho Namgi)朝鲜族人,官至3星上将(1988年),当过军队指战员,党委书记,所以说少数民族将领晋升受到限制的说法也不成立。

  bd popeye

  Ooppss my bad  Thanks for that information! I was unaware of that。


  PLA Soldier

  OKey, thank you for your answer everyone. I have question, and that comes now: If I would move to China, and gain citizenship of Peoples Republic of China, would it be then possible for me to join PLA?


  bd popeye

  Nope..not as far as I know. But I could be wrong...but I don't think so。


  Question for you PLA. In our forum here and our sister site sinodefence.com there are hundreds and hundreds of pictuces of PLA soldiers. Thousands proabaly.。.


  Since you are from Finland..May I ask are you white? That is my assumption. So if you check out photos of the PLA have you evere seen a white westerner in the uniform of the PLA? Ever??? Just asking。


  PLA Soldier

  Yes, I´m white western, and yes, I have never seen any white people in PLA uniform. That is the reason why I´m asking this from you。



  From my observation while in China, I have noticed that,


  The recruitment exercise starts with a large red banner hung up by local village or town government. At the same time local TV will broadcast the time, place, age and document requirements. (In Shenzhen, almost every town has its own TV broadcasting control)。


  I only witnessed one recruitment exercise in the same village which I stayed for 7 years. I could have missed a few though. Also, may be because the PLA was cutting down its size during those years, so less recruitments。


  An important documrnt is Residence Card 户口issued by Public Security Bureau. Only mainland Chinese citizens have this document, Hongkong and Macau people don't have this as they are ruled under different laws. Without this residence card, you have no way of getting in PLA. (Residence card is not ID card, fake ID cards were easy to get but not residence cards)。


  Interview was in collaboration with local town government. I think they want to acertain the personal information and check for crime records, and also priority will be given to member of communist party。




  I would say that's an underinformed conclusion, partially because the white/black Chinese population is relatively small, so you don't see them in photo ops very often.。.



  I'd suggest you to read the latest revised Chinese law regarding military service, in Chapter 1, section 3: http://www.gov.cn/banshi/gm/content_63510.htm





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